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Why I Love Dogs More Than People

We've compiled a (short) list of reasons dogs are better than humans. If you can think of any others, leave a comment or stop by the shop!

  • People who own dogs live longer. Not only do these furry pals provide companionship, but they also encourage physical actiity. (Think walks, playing catch, etc.)

  • They don't judge. Has your pup ever given you "the look" when you've eaten the entire container of Chunky Monkey ice cream? Or have they told you those yoga pants don't belong on someone your age? No! Our four-footed friends love us no matter our size, shape, age, or affinity for Ben and Jerry's.

  • They don't change the channel. Endless football, reality nonsense, even C-Span. No matter what your viewing choice, your dog is right there with you. However, it's even better when you share your tv snacks.

  • They don't back-seat drive. Speeding? Going too slow? It doesn't matter to Fido. With the window cracked and fresh air in their face, your dog just loves to go for rides.

  • They love unconditionally. Unlike many humans (especially these days) dogs love you no matter what. They want to be by your side at all times. Even if you forget to feed them, get mad at them for being underfoot, or are in a bad mood, their love never changes.

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